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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the US and EU servers show different values for "Population"?

These are similar pieces of information but there appears to be a significant distinction. The population on a US server is number of people online on a server at any given time. Possible values for load are: Low, Medium, High, (and none when a server is down). When a server is down there is typically no load. These servers report a load around the clock and it changes frequently as the number playing increases and decreases.

EU Server Population refers to the number of active characters on the server overall. Realms / Servers that have a large number of active accounts are marked "Full" while some with lower populations are marked as "Recommended". Population information is available for some but not all European Realms. The population values do not change much day to day.

How do you know how many Horde and Alliance players are on a Realm?

The data on Horde % and Alliance % come from the WOW Census project that you can see over at WarcraftRealms.com. Players take a census reading when they login to the game and that helps update the overall stats.

How do Realm Status Alerts Work?

Realm Status Alerts let you know when a specific condition is met on your Realm of choice. For example you can set an alert to be notified when the server is up or down or up with a high load. You can have these alerts sent to your email address or to the email address of your cell phone or pager. Alerts are a one time reminder when a specific condition has been met. Once your alert is triggered you will not be emailed again unless you re-setup the alert.
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